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Why Learning CTR Online?

Critical Thinking & Reasoning

  1. Experientially, Learning CTR Online offers a learning environment that includes:

  2. Academically, Learning CTR Online emphasizes Critical Thinking & Reasoning skills and offers a unique approach to learning that is the foundation of true learning and parallels spiritual growth (Ephesians 4:22-24; Colossians 3:9-11). Students take ownership of their own learning.

    • Reflection (test corrections, lab revisions, inquiry-based instruction)​

    • Realigning one's thinking

    • Mastery of Content (growth in learning)

  3. Learning CTR Online offers an experienced, veteran, expert in the field

    • Most parents who homeschool have a good idea of or a commitment to a particular curriculum to educate their children. However, many have stated that they would benefit greatly from an experienced, veteran, expert in the field as a consultant on the side.​

    • Recitation classes for all sciences is an excellent addition to your child's science education. Your child could attend weekly review sessions as an inexpensive alternative to tutoring sessions. [Click the word]

    • Tutoring for all sciences targets specific objectives. [Click the word]

  4. Learning CTR Online maintains a personal, accommodating environment as compared to a larger school "Big Business" mentality which tends towards "one size fits all" (e.g. teaching to the text, rigid policies, exclusion of best practice pedagogy, not allowing for individualization in instruction and learning, discouraging risk-taking, etc.). 

    • Teaching strategies include variety, diversity, and monitoring and adjusting to address differing student learning styles and best practice pedagogy.

    • Courses can be taken with a teacher in live, weekly, zoom sessions.​

    • Courses can be self-paced (on your own) using all the resources from Learning CTR Online.

    • Courses can be audited.

    • Learning CTR Online will do everything possible to accommodate schedules, etc. There is flexibility with the goal of mutual collaboration.

    • "I have taught for over 30 years and frankly, I am tired of 'managing' 120-150 students at a time. I  do not want to teach to earn a salary, but desire to work with a hand full of eager students so I can pour what I have to offer into them. True teaching is bringing students from one step to the next with the hope of them incorporating who I am and what I have to offer. I teach much more than science!"

  5. All courses are college-prep, meaning they prepare your student for college especially related to classroom experience, critical thinking & reasoning skills, note taking, laboratory skills and formal lab writing techniques, reflection and mastery of content, and study skills.

    • All assessments are graded with detailed rubrics and feedback.​

    • Parents and Learning CTR Online team up to educate their students!

    • Students will experience a typical "classroom" with peers and a teacher to prepare for college (attendance, assignments, due dates, grades, feedback, revising, relating to a teacher and peers, etc.) and to understand their skill set compared to others.

    • Students learn how to write formal lab reports (technical scientific writing).

  6. Learning CTR Online offers interactive full course curricula and resources (tried and proven) that allows parents to monitor rather than have to create, adjust, and assume expertise in areas for which they were not trained.

    • Class size limited to SMALL! 4-5 students is ideal, but Learning CTR Online will teach less.

    • Many best practice teaching strategies are incorporated to address various student learning styles.​ Lecture is minimized to a few minutes at a time.

    • High quality class notes are provided for each unit along with a notes/study guide.

    • Teaching and assessment centers around clearly stated content objectives.

    • All assignments, directives, and expectations/policies are documented and posted.

    • Every course incorporates over 50 labs and/or hands-on activities as well as offering supplemental labs and activities beyond that.

    • Courses include 100's of videos to support the content, offer lab demonstrations, and include other teaching resources.

    • Songs are an integral aspect in student learning (Ephesians 5:19; Colossian 3:16) because they enhance retention of content.

    • Learning CTR Online does not divert instruction for personal reasons or to promote any particular doctrine, viewpoint, or opinion, not expressly included in the course curriculum.

    • Students will be given a Certificate of Completion at the end of each course giving their course grade and listing the curriculum.

  7. Learning CTR Online engages each and every student.

    • Instruction is inquiry-based, meaning that students are guided to learn for themselves.

    • Students are not spectators, but participants in their learning.

    • Every student will be called on in each class to participate by reading, answering content questions, and solving problems. Students are challenged to grow beyond what they already know or can do on their own.

    • A Participation grade is given for each class session.

    • Grades are a motivating factor in learning (e.g. driver's test insure competency). Parents can rely on a professional and experienced instructor to assess their student.

    • Every student is important and every student show grow in the course. Your child will be treated with fairness, kindness, and encouragement as well as pushed to advance.

  8. Learning CTR Online is flexible since it is not a large corporation having to accommodate for many teachers, administration, legalities, etc..

    • Home School consortiums, parent groups, and individual parents can "Create a Class" section (click the link) in a course which suits their weekly schedule.​

    • Courses can be taken live, audited, or self-paced (on your own).

    • The central focus of Learning CTR Online is your student and their growth, meaning that the emphasis is on individualization in the learning process.

    • There are NO hidden or extra fees besides the registration and a possible late fee.

    • Students are encouraged to have a textbook and lab supplies, but Learning CTR Online offers many resources that supplement the textbook and some lab supplies.

  9. Parents have full access to the course and can observe all components of instruction and delivery.

    • Classes are held in a video format online.

    • Students/parents can record the class session if they desire.

  10. All instruction incorporates student choice in the learning.

    • Homework can be done using the textbook or supplemental materials.​

    • Tests always include some degree of choice as to which questions to answer.

    • Enrichment for highly motivated students is provided.

  11. All learning and assessments are formative rather than summative.

    • Reflection, relearning, and mastery are promoted for all units of study.

    • Test Corrections and Lab Revisions are expected so students reflect, realign their thinking, and master content (with the possibility of bonus points).

    • Tests and lab reports are agents of learning, not an end that leaves students frustrated (if they do poorly) or falsely encouraged (if they do abnormally well).

  12. Learning CTR Online is inexpensive for the product offered.

    • Learning CTR Online is priced lower than private online schools or venues.​

    • Paying tuition is more of a promissory commitment by parents and students (anything worthwhile must come with a price).

  13. Learning CTR Online is committed to timely communication and feedback.

    • Assessments are graded with feedback within a few days (no exceptions).​

    • Learning CTR Online responds to all inquiries, questions, concerns, etc. within 24 hours (usually within minutes). If you do not receive such a response, Learning CTR Online did not receive your correspondence.

    • Parents will be apprised of attendance, grades, and participation on a regular basis (e.g. attendance is taken at the beginning of each class with parents contacted for lateness or absenteeism).

  14. Learning CTR Online teaches with enthusiasm, and a learning spirit, and promotes growth for each and every student in their learning.

    • The instruction goes beyond curricular content to include learning strategies and the ability to prioritize ones own learning.​

    • Learning CTR Online teaches based on subjective experience especially in learning how to face a challenging course and succeed!

Professional Demeanor 

  • Well-prepared

  • Up-to-date in terms of research, certification, content

  • Strong and diversified background in science content & school operations

  • Support the parents and parent goals

  • Produce online resources and instruction

  • Role model to students of life-long learning

  • Technologically advanced and versatile within & outside the classroom


Students are first!

  • Monitors and Adjusts

  • Caters to the individual and develops rapport

  • Enjoys Teaching

  • Not intimidating, but passionate

  • Innovative and Explorative

  • Organized

  • Fun

  • Promotes critical thinking and transition skills

  • Positive but assertive classroom management

  • Clear / written objectives

    • rubrics for all assessments

    • assessments based on objectives

  • Regular communication to students and parents of performance


 Interpersonal Energy 

  • Genuinely cares about students/kids

  • Collegial and open to peers

  • Teachable and willing to learn

  • Every student counts and must grow

  • Works well with others

  • Enthusiastic

  • Willing to take risks and go the extra 100 miles

  • Believing the impossible and unlikely

  • Strives to be on the cutting edge of educational implementation strategies

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Craig T. Riesen

CTR pic 9 2011.jpg


  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • General Science 7-12

  • Basic Administation K-12

  • Online Instructor

30+ years Teaching Experience

  • Public Schools (26+yr)

  • Online (7+yr)

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