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Educational Concerts
Classical Vocal Training

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John has much experience in giving master classes to young people and singing multifaced concerts that enthrall audiences. He also desires to share his experience and knowledge of all the facets of the music industry (business of the business, networking, auditions, agents, performance details, social media, digital marketing, young artist programs, practical application outside the music world, etc.) accrued over the past 15 years.


John’s growing career boasts a variety of roles in which he excels and includes significant work in opera, musical theatre, studio recording, and concert. He has released 75+ studio recordings reaching over 7.3 million streams on Spotify and Apple Music, and growing rapidly. John is also the head of Spotify promotion for Emitha LLC, building an ecosystem for classical & crossover singers to be heard worldwide.  


Classical vocal training prepares youth with life and vocational skills that are valuable in any setting:

  • Making a good first impression

  • Looking people in the eyes

  • Speaking articulately

  • Presenting oneself to a variety of audiences in an attractive, professional way

  • Learning perseverance ... the ability to take “no” for an answer, yet keep going [i.e. auditions]

  • Flexibility with people and with ones skill set

  • Honing interpersonal skills

  • One of the greatest assets is granting opportunity for young people to observe and experience firsthand a successful professional who is PASSIONATE about singing, and who pursues and sustains vocal credibility, flexibility, and world-class performance LIFE-LONG on a national scale.


Venue / Itinerary

  1.  Hold a master class with aspiring vocalists (1 class session)

  2.  Abbreviated performance (30 minutes) at an assembly for a broader appeal

  3.  Full evening concert (free to students)


Craig Riesen, Manager


Stephen Riesen & Lee Alexander


Stephen Riesen, 24, known professionally as Stevie the Vibe, is a musical sensation with a perfect ear and a sense for what makes music so special. His perfect pitch in combination with his Classically trained voice gives him a unique skillset that sets him apart from most typical silky tenors.

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Lee Alexander, 23, known professionally as Le$Lie, is a rapper, singer, performer and music producer from Detroit, Michigan. He's been writing raps/poetry since he was 10 years old and throughout college he's shifted into music producing as well.

Craig T. Riesen

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  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • General Science 7-12

  • Basic Administation K-12

  • Online Instructor

30+ years Teaching Experience

  • Public Schools (26+yr)

  • Online (7+yr)

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