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Jessi O

Thank you for teaching my sons (one for 3 years and the other 1 year). Topics from your classes were frequently part of dinner time discussion. The boys learned so much and were challenged. Thank you for having a high standard.

Camille R

We want to let you know that J has been accepted to the Naval Academy, West Point, Merchant Marine Academy, University of Georgia, Auburn, and the University of Virginia. He would not have received these acceptances if it weren't for Learning CTR Online. We just feel so fortunate that he was at the right place at the right time to get to spend those years with you!

Todd B

Learning CTR Online has taught three of my children. Each loved your classes and learning so much. I purposely choose you because of the high standard, rigor, professionalism, and encouragement you provided. You gained my children's trust. For instance, J struggled through Chemistry due to some personal issues and he didn't seem motivated. We were surprised when he demanded that he take Physics with you, saying he would not take it with anyone else. He received an A! Our youngest son took honors Biology with Learning CTR Online and is presently completing honors Chemistry. He is taking honors Physics with you without doubt.

Thank you for the rigorous, yet applicable training you afford my children. Our daughter preceded the boys in your classes and she is thriving in college, much thanks to you.

Christine S

Learning CTR Online provides knowledgeable science instruction, and affords student growth not only in the content area but also develops academic skills. Expectations for students are high and provision is made for them to overcome obstacles. My daughter developed her logical reasoning in Physics class along with realigning her thinking thanks to test corrections and lab revisions. I would rate the teacher as a 10 out of 5! Mr. Riesen truly cares for his students individually, maintains high standards for himself which he imparts into his students. I am so grateful and thankful for him!

Marc R

My wife and I could not be happier with the time J spent with you this past school year. Honestly, I’m almost embarrassed to say, but because of your preparation, your biblical worldview, and your commitment to J, I tuned out this year in regard to his “science" because I knew he was in good hands! Thank you, my brother! 

Kit T

My son, P, has been revolutionized since having you as a teacher two years ago. You told me that when he "wants it" he will be exceptional ... and that has happened. After taking your class, P said that if he succeeds in academics in the future it will directly reflect on your teaching of him. He has learned more from you than any other teacher.

There is NO other program that my daughter will be take aside from Learning CTR Online for all her science classes.

Amy K

Because of you, my son wants to do something in Chemistry as a profession.  He’s always talking to us about what he’s learned in your class, starting conversations with, “Did you know…." and quizzing us on what we don’t know about our world and environment! Love his passion!

Lauren C

I want to thank you for the excellent work you are doing in my son's Chemistry class. He is really enjoying it and from what I have seen, the course is comprehensive and rigorous. I know it's not easy to prepare materials and present them in a way that keeps students engaged; especially in a remote setting like online and for a topic such as chemistry.

Excellence in teaching is rare and often undervalued and I just wanted you to know I appreciate and admire what you are doing. 

Rebecca B

My son really enjoys your class and I love to ease drop. As a veteran teacher myself, I can say that you are a good teacher. You are teaching these kids how to think and learn and study. I appreciate how you have poured into my son.  Thank you.

Dovey E

My three children have all taken your classes and I am so grateful for all you did for them. You didn't just teach science, but learning and growth. Each one of my children vividly remember you and what they learned and how it is helping them today.

Jeff M

Mr. Riesen taught my son to think, not just to store data in short-term memory. It required my son to study efficiently, grasp new topics and apply his knowledge effectively on tests that measure concepts rather than just memorize information. He's been able to use what he learned in other classes as well and to improve his ACT score. He learned so much about Chemistry, critical thinking, and true learning. I was especially pleased with the teacher's accessibility...

Sheila F

Wow! what a 180 turn around "A" has made in your class.  She was barely above water for quite a while and you gently guided her and inspired her to keep pushing. And just having questions answered on email was very helpful.  Over the weekend she was telling me about scuba divers, the bends, and hot chocolate in cold water all based on class.  She was explaining it all to me and when she was a little unsure in her explanation she looked it up.  She was excited about science!!!  Thanks to you she has developed confidence and strength.  She even helped her older brother in his college Chemistry class! We would love to sign her up for physics with you next year!! 

Freda L

Mr. Riesen's teaching style is so versatile and inclusive. He incorporates many learning styles so that auditory, tactile, graphic, intellectual, and visual learners all can find something to relate to.


Mr. Riesen goes out of his way to help students do the absolute best they can in his class. He didn't let any student hide, but encouraged all to participate. He is a master at involving everyone.


He provides excellent resources and instruction on how to study alongside the course curriculum. He sings songs in every lesson to make it fun and worthy of remembrance. He incorporates 100's of videos that show demonstrations, songs, and other help tools for students to grasp the concepts.

Elizabeth E

It was so impressive to see the myriad of resources utilized in Learning CTR Online's classes. The notes are professional grade, all assignments were spot on in terms of supporting the objectives in the curriculum. And the lab component was incredible. It is difficult to find good, applicable, and relevant lab experiments and activities to back up the learning ... but they did it! My son and daughter loved the labs and they were several activities each week. That was their favorite part.

Yvonne B

Mr. Riesen is an excellent communicator. He always returned emails/texts/phone calls promptly (typically no later than 12 hours) and has always answered my son’s questions with proper guidance and encouragement. Additionally, Mr. Riesen kept track of attendance and participation in class and let me know where my son stood in all aspects of the course.

Camille R

Our son, was a student in Mr. Riesen's Physical Science class last year. He loved having him as a teacher and talks about him quite often. He uses him as a benchmark when “assessing" other teachers, “I like the way Mr. Riesen does it better!… “Mr. Riesen was better at explaining…” :)

"J" has been looking forward to having Mr. Riesen as his Chemistry teacher and we would like for him to take Chemistry with him!

Helena H

Mr. Riesen is extraordinary! He has gone above and beyond what was expected and required from a good teacher. He let my son use some of his own chemistry supplies to run his experiments when we were unable to obtain them ourselves. Another parent told me that he mailed them a textbook to use for the year. He also shows sensitivity when trials or disruptions arise in life. He had compassion when my son needed it, whether it be due to sickness or other extraneous family issues outside of his control and accommodated our schedule with his.

Rebecca B

"A" has really thrived in your class and has appreciated your teaching so much. We will be enrolling her in your Physics class and our son in your Chemistry class.

Teresa W

Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching.  You’ve been very encouraging to "I", and he’s enjoying your class.  Thank you.

Dianne K

 Thanks to your commitment to making your Chemistry classes understandable, fun, and engaging. My daughter has had a good year with a subject she formerly dreaded and she is really enjoying your classes.

Phyllis Z

I have personally listened in on several of the classes and Mr. Riesen has a very direct handle on the class, but also keeps things lighthearted. He uses a formative assessment style in his teaching, where he will ask a student in the class to work through a chemistry problem on the virtual whiteboard while the rest of the students work on it themselves. By doing this, he not only is able to assess how well the child is understanding the concept and hence how well he taught the lesson, but he also gives the student the opportunity to work under pressure without it affecting their grade.


While being trained as a physician, this was the teaching style by which I learned. Through my personal experience, it gives incentive for students to be attentive in class and allows active participation, leading to a more engaging learning experience. As a result of Mr. Riesen’s teaching style, I have witnessed confidence build in my son. In fact, my son has not only felt more comfortable with the math, but also enjoys learning chemistry in general. He often will teach his siblings and me what he is learning and relates it with the world around him.

Christine Z

Our daughter loves the way you teach and felt horrible when she missed a single class. She feels you genuinely care about all of your students.  


My husband is especially impressed with all the information you provide and the creative way in which you do it.  We are very grateful that "E" is learning Chemistry in such a comprehensive way.  Thanks for your hard work and the way you encourage the students and make chemistry fun.

Crystal T

You have been such an excellent teacher to several of our children over the years and for that we are grateful. You have encouraged and grown their love for the sciences - especially chemistry. Your influence and enthusiasm have helped inspire them to pursue science degrees in college and even medical post graduate programs. We have one more daughter and will certainly be placing her in your Chemistry class when she is ready. Thank you again for your example and for sharing your gift of teaching and science with our children.

Christie G

I just wanted you to know how much we have appreciated you as a teacher. We had 3 students taking 7 classes online. We experienced a GREAT teacher, some ok teachers, and one we will make sure we don’t get again. You most decidedly were the GREAT teacher!


James O

Thank you very much for this year of Biology. It was an extremely fun year, and easily the most challenging of all my classes!

Jack O

Thank you for your diligent teaching over these past few years. I learned so much, and wouldn't have traded your classes for anything. Thank you so much. You are a very gifted teacher!

Cara P

I am currently studying to take the SAT, and I just wanted to share that I’ve been using your techniques a lot! I used the "crisscross" method, AGES, and KIS on practice tests. I never take a practice test without using one of your methods! Standardized testing is definitely not one of my strengths, so it helps to have these strategies because I know I will always get some right. Just thought I’d share that cool little discovery and say thanks!

Sweden L

I want to thank you for teaching Chemistry with so much energy and joy. Science was never my favorite nor best subject, but your encouragement really inspired me to do my absolute best in Chemistry. Your videos, songs and jokes were always the highlight of my classes.

In the end, I enjoyed Chemistry! It was hard, but you made it fun and enjoyable. 

You'll always be my favorite teacher, and I thank you for all the time and effort you've invested in me and the rest of the class!

Stanley P

I love the lab component in Learning CTR Online! We did 2 labs almost every week which applied the concepts we were learning in a practical way. They were fun!

Drew S

Truthfully, I didn't think science could be this much fun. The labs were great, the videos, songs, demonstrations, dumb jokes, and puns kept me on my toes. Yet, I learned so much, not just about science, but about learning itself. I took Physical Science with Mr. Riesen and couldn't wait to take another class with him! So, I did.

Alyssa C

Mr. Riesen made Chemistry fun! Who would have believed that! Chemistry was something I feared and dreaded, but after the first class, I became excited. Mr. Riesen taught us how to understand the material, to think clearly, to reflect, and to take one step at a time when solving problems.

Andrew D

As a student who has been homeschooled their entire life, I highly recommend Craig Riesen as a science teacher. I attended his high school Chemistry class and was appreciative of his unique and purposeful teaching style.

When I was a part of Mr. Riesen’s chemistry class, I could tell from the start that he cared SO MUCH about each and every one of his students. He was very dedicated to helping each student succeed.

Though it was a little intimidating at first, he engaged every student, having them read the lesson slide or he would ask questions to make sure that the student, as well as the entire class, understood the concept being addressed.

Mr. Riesen’s kindness, humor, wisdom, dedication to the students, and fear of the Lord make him easily the second best teachers I have ever had (other than my mom, of course) in all of the homeschool classes I have taken.

Stephanie L

Mr. Riesen is an eminently capable instructor for the difficult task of teaching the challenging subject of Chemistry, and making students understand its many concepts and ideas. He uses a large variety of methods and teaching tools to teach and reinforce the concepts of chemistry all the while addressing various student learning styles. 


Course materials include videos (made by himself or compiled from others to demonstrate concepts or showcase experiments), teaching slides with practice problems (used in class and provided to all the students to work through at their own pace), creating or playing songs with course content for greater retention of concepts, additional elective extra practice (study guides, practice tests, and experiments), and a list of objectives every week to keep students focused on the main points. 


Mr. Riesen is also excellent with communication.  He encourages students to ask questions when not sure on something.  And nearly without exception, emails with questions sent by students are answered within the hour, and often within minutes.

Sebastian H

My favorite thing in Mr. Riesen's class was his encouragement for us to "KIS" and to use "AGES". We need to "keep it simple" and "keep in step" and he used the "Cookie Monster" song to show us an invaluable tool, he called "Ages" for problem solving. These became a tremendous help to my learning and I still use them almost daily in other courses and in life!

Alaina T

Thank you so much for taking time outside of class to tutor me on study skills. I never knew what critical thinking meant until your class and with your help I am experiencing growth in a challenging environment.

Diana P

I really miss being in your class! I wanted to thank you for all the help you offered as a teacher. I still use your tips, like studying in 15-minute blocks and AGES.  I'm taking AP Biology this year, and I'm still interested in pursuing science as a career. Chemistry, by far, has been my favorite class I've ever taken -- and that's all thanks to you!


Also, I still listen to all the chemistry songs you gave us throughout the year! Everything I remember about electrochemistry is thanks to the "You Start At the Anode" song.

Marie G

l would recommend Mr. Riesen to anyone and everyone! He teaches in such a clear and efficient way, and has a lot of helpful study materials. Science is a subject I have always struggled with, but Mr. Riesen helped me improve a lot and like science more! I learned and enjoyed both Physical Science and Chemistry with Mr. Riesen.

Chad M

School has always come easy for me. I rarely did homework or put in extra effort because I had top grades. When I took Mr. Riesen for both Chemistry and Physics I was challenged for the first time in my life. As a college student now, I reflect on the value of learning to think critically and to write technically. Mr. Riesen took me to a whole new level.

Stephen F

Chemistry is a relatively difficult course, and to do well, a good bit of effort is required (mainly just properly following the given directions).  That being said, Mr. Riesen does a very good job providing clear written and verbal instructions, and lighthearted moments in class. For instance, he would show videos or personally give creative songs, cute comics and illustrations on slides, and some comic relief to ease the heaviness of some of the assignments. He does not hold back from trying to make learning fun and being punny. 


All the resources and course instructions are very clear. He provides special learning techniques, shortcuts, and assignment alternatives, allowing student choice. Mr. Riesen creates homework and lab assignments, providing answers and explanations that reduce student confusion and anxiety. I used his materials every week and found them to be relevant and helpful related to the concepts in the course. Mr. Riesen also hammers in the idea of following directions—a very valuable characteristic to possess in life.

Parker T

I just finished the first semester and have solid A’s in all my classes, largely thanks to you. Thank you for teaching me not just Chemistry, but problem solving, values of learning, the importance of test corrections, ... as opposed to mere grades. I feel that I can apply what you taught me to all aspects of my education and many aspects of my life.

Mandy S

I had Mr. Riesen for both Physical Science and Chemistry. He brought a fun, lighthearted aspect to the class to keep it fun and

interactive. Some ways that he did this was by singing songs and changing their lyrics to relate to our science class and inserting cute comics that include puns about the chemistry material. He laughed along with the students and made jokes, but also made sure to redirect everyone back to the topic at hand. Since some topics in the class were more challenging than others, his sense of humor helped to relieve stress.

Lydia S

If there is one thing you can depend on in Mr. Riesen's class, it is that all students will participate in the class sessions. Mr. Riesen keeps students on their toes by calling on every student in the class to use the mic, chat answers to questions, read a slide, and to work out problems with his aide. He could call on you anytime! In the first few weeks of the course, being called on to work through a slide seemed quite stressful, but it quickly became easier and normal as we adapted to the pressure of figuring out what was in front of us and interpreting it for the class “on demand.”  I believe this is useful because it keeps students engaged and makes class time pass quickly, while preparing the student for their future. Mr. R knows that we will face difficult timed test situations, being “put on the spot,” and having to juggle various tasks under pressure with the need to process information quickly and accurately.

Claire H

I enjoyed being in your class this year and I learned so much more about science and chemistry. Thank you for always helping me understand difficult concepts and encouraging me to participate more in class. I have improved so much more this year than in any other course, and it was such a joy to have you as my teacher. Thank you so much for all of your help this year!  

Danielle L

The first time I took a course with Learning CTR Online, I was a little bit shocked. I was not used to inquiry-based learning (versus spit back) or having to follow directions so explicitly. It was frustrating. Over a few months I realized that my learning had advanced significantly and I was more confident and performing better on assessments due to the ability to think beyond what I used to do. I could face difficult problems that formerly set my heading spinning and I might panic.

I took a second class with Learning CTR Online and felt equipped for college science. Critical thinking and practical application was now normal for me. I am in my third year of college as a Chemistry major and doing well. Much thanks to your preparation!

Evelyn P

Thank you for this year! You have made Chemistry manageable and not as scary to study for me. 

Emily K

I would like to thank you for a great year in chemistry! I came into this class with trepidation, as science and math are not naturally my strong points. However, through your excellent teaching and class resources, I have gained a much better understanding of both chemistry, and how the world works. Thank you for all the time you put into creating fun, engaging, and interesting classes . 

Spencer E

I requested a letter of recommendation from learning CTR online over other science teachers because of the superior teaching. The content in Chemistry was so hard for me and I felt really challenged, but also felt that I earned my grade of a B. The B in Chemistry means more to me than the A in a much less demanding course like Biology. You engaged me and kept me growing.


Jesslyn K

It was a blessing to have you as my chemistry teacher this year! I didn't know chemistry could be this fun. I really enjoyed your songs, jokes, breaks, and everything. Those songs are seriously stuck in my brain. Thank you for guiding our class step by step, teaching us how to KIS and use AGES. That's really going to last forever. I don't know why, but my heart just started to beat faster every time I felt my turn to speak was coming up and caught "Chemitis" from time to time xD. Thank you so much for everything, and I'm really going to miss you and your classes! Hope to see you in person someday (: 

Joy B

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great school year. Your patience and support really meant a lot to me, and while Chemistry itself was quite tricky, I truly enjoyed having you as my teacher. I will always treasure all the laughs and all the songs you shared with us in class.


Thank you again for everything you've done for me personally as well as the entirety of the class. I'll do my best to not use the word 'um' as much in honor of you.

Caroline H

I just wanted to thank you for a great year in chemistry. Looking back, I am very grateful that I have a different teacher because of everything I learned in your class that went above and beyond just science. The study skills, test taking strategies, AGES, and so much more have and will help so much in other classes I take. I am also already really looking forward to physics next year with you. Once again, thank you so much for ALL the time and effort you put into teaching us chemistry!

Also, something I thought you might find funny was that a couple of nights ago I seriously dreamed all night long, “if zinc’s oxidation goes
from 0 to +2, it loses two electrons and is the reducing agent. If chlorine’s oxidation…” I can’t say I necessarily woke up feeling rested,
but I think it did finally click =).

Caleb L

I greatly enjoyed taking your class, and a lot of the things that I learned in it are still coming up in my life today. I recently studied REDOX reactions a bit in Environmental Science class. Also, I appreciated how you called on everybody to participate in class discussions; I don’t like to raise my hand in class, so it helped me to actively participate a lot more. 

Craig T. Riesen

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