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Learning CTR provides tutoring for grades 7-12:

  • Life Science

  • Physical Science

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Basic Earth Science

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Zoom Meeting Format

  • Meet live using "Zoom"

  • Sessions can be recorded

$30 / hour
for L CTR students 
$40 /
Non L CTR students

4 Sessions Recommended


Tutoring is designed for student growth in:

Study Skills

  • Note taking techniques​

  • Focus / Concentration

  • Building Confidence by Understanding

  • KIS (keep it simple; keep in step)

  • AGES (problem solving strategy)

  • The "Triangle" and "Criss-Cross" Methods (rearranging multi-variable equations)

Test Taking Strategies

  • Increase test scores regardless of content

  • How to approach a test

  • How to complete a test

  • How to review/debrief a test

Critical Thinking

  • Synthesis (adjusting)

  • Analysis (breaking it down into simple parts)

  • Evaluation (prioritizing)

Tutoring Fee

Tutoring Fee 

  • $30 / hour for Learning CTR Online students

  • $40 / hour for NON Learning CTR Online students

Tutoring Sessions:

  • For best results, 4 sessions are recommended and sufficient to produce significant improvement in learning and scores in all school courses.

  • Students will be led directly using the content of the science course.

  • Students desiring extra help or review outside their course (whether with Learning CTR Online or not) should consider the recitation class (Chemistry Recitation / Physics Recitation) or session as an inexpensive option or can set up an individual office hour for the tutoring fee.

  • Please do not force your child into tutoring.

  • Only students who desire to work hard and improve FOR THEMSELVES are candidates for tutoring.

Kara D

I was struggling in Chemistry class. I had a D average going into the last quarter of the course. After 4 sessions with Mr. Riesen, I received an 85% on the state exam and a B in the course! I had confidence and concentration like never before.

Daniel Z

I had failed the first 4 Chemistry tests of the year. I contacted Mr. Riesen for tutoring. He walked me through study skills, test taking, and critical thinking. By the end of the year, my test average was an 84%! I am taking college Chemistry and have an A!


Loreina T

Physics just didn't come easy for me. I was constantly confused and frustrated. So, I spent 4 sessions with Mr. Riesen. I was amazed at how the lights turned on. He would walk me through my tests and show me how to evaluate what I had done and then help me realign my thinking. Long story short, Physics became a whole lot easier for me.

Phillip C

Mr. Riesen has a way to make things simple and clear. He doesn't lecture or talk at you, but asks questions to lead you step by step into a proper understanding. I was skeptical that anyone could help me in Physics, but I was so wrong. Mr. Riesen showed me strategies for taking a test that had nothing to do with the course content, but raised my test average 13%!

Susie M

The best word to describe my tutoring experience is "wow"! I never knew what focus meant, but Mr. Riesen showed me session after session how to concentrate and block out distractions. By the end of the year I literally spent hours less time studying and understood more, resulting in a full letter grade higher for the course.

Matt B

Mr. Riesen instilled confidence in me. He emphasized concentration (blocking out distractions) and confidence in every session. He led me to understandings so that I could figure problems out for myself. The best part is that everything Mr. Riesen taught me about learning I am applying to every other class I take. It really works!

Tutoring Philosophy

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Craig T. Riesen

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  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • General Science 7-12

  • Basic Administation K-12

  • Online Instructor

30+ years Teaching Experience

  • Public Schools (26+yr)

  • Online (7+yr)

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