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Science Lab Courses

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Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science

  • 4 Week LAB Courses Custom Designed to meet your needs

  • You pick the content and Learning CTR Online will supply the labs and develop an 4 week course (meet twice per week or once per week). Schedule can be flexible to meet your needs.

  • MaterialsZoom Meetings, Computer or Tablet / ipad, Cell Phone (not required but highly recommended), Household Items.

  • $160/student

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4 Week Physical Science Lab Course

Summer 2022

Monday and Thursdays

Starting June 20

3:00 - 4:00 pm


Week 1 The Great Balloon Race (Force, Velocity)

             Free Fall (Acceleration, Gravity)

Week 2 Newton's 1st Law & Friction Activities

            Newton's 3rd law (Linear Motion, Circular Motion)

Week 3 Momentum of Colliding Balls

            Heat Transfer (Radiation, Convection, Conduction)

Week 4 Rube Goldberg - Simple Machines to Perform a Task

            Static Electricity and Magnetism (Basics)


  • All labs are hands-on, incorporating common household items.

  • Students will need a computer or tablet / ipad for Zoom Meetings, for instruction and to complete experiments (data collection, graphing, reports).

  • Recommended: Cell Phone with video calling (for outdoor communication).

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Craig T. Riesen

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  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • General Science 7-12

  • Basic Administation K-12

  • Online Instructor

30+ years Teaching Experience

  • Public Schools (26+yr)

  • Online (7+yr)

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