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Testing Policy


Learning CTR Online allows tests to be taken at home without the use of intrusive or complex security systems like cameras or lock-down browsers. In order to maintain reasonable accountability without external intrusiveness, Learning CTR Online requires parents to proctor all test-taking, following these requirements:

  • The test will be provided to the parent, not the student. The parent is responsible for managing the security of the test and the integrity of the process. Accountability does not undermine trust, but establishes, supports, and confirms it, providing a protection for the student.

  • When the student is ready to take the test, a parent will establish a testing environment that is reasonably quiet and free of distractions, and where the parent can observe the student for the entire duration of the test.

  • Tests should be taken in one sitting with no long breaks from the point where the student has access to the test questions to the point where the student has submitted his answers. Proctoring starts from the moment the student has access to the questions and ends after the student has submitted his answers. (Short mental breaks are permitted.)

  • Except for specific written exceptions provided by the teacher, tests are to be taken without access to books, notes, online information or human assistance.

  • At the completion of the test, the parent should collect the test questions and destroy them or retain them in the parent-managed academic records.

  • Students should NOT be given opportunity to pass the test to other students, and other students should not be given access to the test.


All tests are assumed to be proctored in this manner unless the teacher provides specific written exceptions to one or more aspects of this procedure for a particular test.

Craig T. Riesen

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  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • General Science 7-12

  • Basic Administation K-12

  • Online Instructor

30+ years Teaching Experience

  • Public Schools (26+yr)

  • Online (7+yr)

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