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32 Week Class
2 Semesters


Let Them Go
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Recitation classes are designed to offer students taking any science class (whether with Learning CTR Online or not) extra help and review outside the course or curriculum. It is a way parents can keep their desired curriculum, coop, program, etc. but access an experienced, certified expert in the field each week.


Chemistry Recitation Class and Physics Recitation Class are highly recommended for students enrolled in those courses. These are optional classes accompanying either Chemistry (Regular or Honors) or Physics (Regular or Honors). They resemble a college recitation class (review, discussion, extra help).


Recitation is a type of "office hours" where the atmosphere is relaxed and highly interactive, allowing students to ask questions and strengthen their understanding of content as presented in the science course they are taking without having to pay the expensive tutoring cost for individual instruction.


Recitation can be used to review, reflect, and reteach concepts through guided practice so students can master the content. The course objectives (high priority items), homework (practice), labs (application), and tests (assessments) are main topics of discussion. Discussion is student-driven, based on questions, concerns, and areas of skill and content needs.


The recitation class also enhances study skills, nurtures critical thinking, offers computational (math) strategies, and affords much practice. Any topic related to the particular science course is fair game. This is literally an extra help, inexpensive, tutoring class.


Ideally, all students will enroll in a recitation class or session whether they need additional assistance in math, study skills, or understanding course content or not. Highly academic students will enjoy participating.


There are no homework assignments or outside requirements except attendance and participation each week.


Note: Recitation classes can be scheduled for any science course as a supplement and aide to the science course a student is taking. It is NOT meant to be a stand alone course. However, any student can request a recitation class or session.



(General & Honors)

Thursday Afternoon



(General & Honors)

Thursday Afternoon

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32 Week Class

2 Semesters

Individuals: 30 min/week
2+ students: 45 min/week

Recitation Classes will be Individualized

  1. Individual students can request a 20 minute/week session so that the student can ask questions or get immediate, individualized help. 

  2. Students grouped in classes of 2-3 will meet for 45 minutes/week sessions, catering to their schedule. 

  3. The tutoring fee ($30/hour/week) would come to over $960/year for that amount of time, so this is a discounted rate.

  4. Student sessions are most effective with 2-3 students for 45 minute/weeks sessions. Individual student needs are best addressed in the small setting. This seems to be the most conducive learning environment. 

  5. Student groups of 5 or more will be given 90 minute sessions.

Craig T. Riesen

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  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • General Science 7-12

  • Basic Administation K-12

  • Online Instructor

30+ years Teaching Experience

  • Public Schools (26+yr)

  • Online (7+yr)

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