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Stevie the Vibe!

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Musicality at its Best

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From Jingles ... to Lo Fi ... to Hymns
... to
Pop ... to Hip Hop

What can we do?

Write Songs

Score Music

Mix and Master Songs

Arrange Songs

Provide Vocals

Create & Add Instrumentation

Refine Old Songs (noise, clarity)

Rhythmic Beats

Vocal Lessons

Teacher (Riesen) Knows BestCTRiesen
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Precious Lord Take My HandSIR
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Terry D

Thank you so much for all you’ve done here … greatly appreciate the time you have spent at this! I love the songs and had to play them for some people even before the intended performance date. The work you've done is absolutely amazing and the songs are wonderful!

[Project 1: remaster 40 year old cassette songs

Project 2: Create musical score, sing, harmonize and produce a favorite song from the past.]

Fred L

What a stunning rendition of a memorable song for my wife and I. It is better than the original! You captured the feelings we shared on our special day 42 years ago! The musical score, the vocal excellence, and the background instrumentals were outstanding. Thank you for your work of art.

[Project: Create musical score, sing and produce song from our wedding, including instrumentals.]


Excellent quality, amazing communication and patience. He will go above and beyond to make sure that you are satisfied with your sound. Definitely more than worth it. Highly recommended and will use again!

John R

-WOW he finished my mix and it was AMAZING in just a few hours. Amazing quality and depth.

-I've been working with Stevie the Vibe for well over a year with him mixing my vocals, my backing tracks, mastering, and even producing my tracks entirely. He continues to astound and his pricing is impossible to beat for the quality!

-Stephen is phenomenal. His mixing knowledge, musical prowess and ability to write and master songs is remarkable. He is also quick working and easy to talk to. No one has made my voice sound as amazing has him!

-This is my 4th project with Stevie the Vibe. His mixing skills are remarkably amazing. SO affordable. Quick service. HIRE HIM!

Tim M

Your song production is professional and excellent especially for the cost! There are so many moments of brilliance with incredible background vocals! Your intonation is spectacular. Thank you for your efforts.

[Project: Mix and Master a lo-fi song with vocal harmonies. Create musical score and produce song from start to finish.]

Samantha T

Stevie the Vibe, your beats are just plain dope! I love them. I have already purchased 4 and will continue to buy more.

Mark R

Stevie did an incredible job on this project. Using a professional studio, he recorded the vocals (himself singing) and piano, then mix/mastered, did his magic with the piano, vocals, and some added string instrumentation (and more piano). When you hire Stevie, you get a competent and enthusiastic audio engineer, and as a bonus, a singer/performer. The song was a remake from the 1970s, where a friend sang this song at my wedding. Stevie's version is even better than the original, in my opinion.

Craig R

An excellent mix! Your vocal harmonies are unparalleled. Mixing and mastering was superb. Thrilled we worked together :-)

Craig T. Riesen

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  • Basic Administation K-12

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